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Counselling and Psychotherapy

- Tamara Gadd. prof. Dip. Psy.

Do you find yourself feeling:

  • isolated and alone?
  • anxious and having panic attacks?
  • like you have low self esteem?
  • low in confidence?
  • overwhelmed?

Therapy can help you feel:

  • like your in control
  • you have increased self-esteem
  • motivated and happy
  • confident
  • like you have a better understanding of yourself

My Services

Here are some of the services I provide for my clients




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About Me

Hello, I’m Tamara and welcome to my practice. I’m a registered and accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor working with adults and teenagers that want to understand, explore and find solutions to their problems that are making them anxious, worried and stressed. My professional practice overflows with compassion and kindness, as we work together building trust to enhance personal growth, confidence and fulfilment. My Therapy rooms are based in Ewhurst and Guildford Surrey and I also work across the UK online.

Life’s problems can cause you to feel numb and isolated from the rest of the world, like being under a rain cloud that doesn’t disperse, filling us with dread, causing fatigue, confusion and fear.

Well, the cloud can disperse and you can enjoy life again.

Tamara Gadd

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